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September 12, 2017

FAQ – It’s all in the details

Bride and Bridesmaids drinking champagne in robes getting ready for wedding at the swan house in Atlanta, Georgia by Charlotte Wedding Photographer Ashley Sue Photography

Picking a wedding photographer is a daunting task! I totally get it, I’ve been there myself and since this what I do, I’m often called upon for advice from all my friends getting married (if they’re not hiring me ūüėČ )

Not only are you spending a ton of money, but you’re thinking through all the details of…

  • What is included?
  • Will you like working with them?
  • Are they going to alleviate stress or make it worse?


Girl. I get it. I’ve been there, too! Just like there is a wedding dress for every Bride, there is also a vendor for every Bride. For wedding photographers, beyond the big picture of do you like their style of photography, you’ve got to think about whether their personality is a fit for you and your fianc√©. If you are a very outgoing Bride and know you’re wedding party is going to be rowdy then you don’t want to pick a wedding photographer that will have a hard time getting their attention and/or working quickly to capture your bridal party photos. It’s all a game of working quickly, efficiently, and with a great attitude. Nobody wants a debbie downer of a photog on their wedding day ūüėČ

Bride and Bridesmaids throwing confetti before wedding in robes by Charlotte Wedding Photographer, Ashley Sue Photography

In an effort to help you narrow down your decision making, here are some common questions I get asked and feel are really important to ask your photographer. I hope that these will help you in your decision process!!

FAQ for Charlotte Wedding Photographer Ashley Sue Photography

How many pictures do I get?
Allllllll of them! I remove the duplicates, anything unflattering or any blurry photos and you get the rest!! I say 60-80 images per shooting hour but that is a bare minimum so you will likely get quite a few more.

Do you edit every photo?
Yep. Every single photo that you receive will be fully edited. As a rule of thumb, I remove anything that won’t be there in a week. So, if you have a zit on your wedding day, I’ll remove that from any photos that it’s super prominent in. If you’re wanting me to take away 30 pounds… well… I can do it, but that’s more extensive and really, you’re beautiful. You don’t need that, promise. <3

Do I get all the photos?
See above

bride and groom to be with amazing sunlight

What does print release mean?
It means you can print your high resolution images wherever you would like ¬†I recommend www.mpix.com or Sam’s Club (if you need them fast!). Your online gallery is also linked to my professional print lab that I’ve color matched to. Often, consumer labs (like Walgreens, Walmart, CVS, shutterfly, mpix, etc.) will have a color cast so your pictures may have a slight tint (most often a blue or yellow tint). If you order through your gallery then I can guarantee that they’ll be exactly like on your gallery. However, if you’d prefer to print through another lab you are more than welcome to, just know that you may end up with slight differences in color and/or quality. The best consumer labs I’ve found though are mpix.com and Sam’s Club.

How do I download my photos?
You’ll receive detailed instructions with your gallery! They are in a zipped folder though, so you will need to download your gallery to a computer to have access to the full resolution images.

When do we get the photos?
Engagement sessions are returned within 2-3 weeks and Wedding galleries are returned within 4-6 weeks. Both receive a blog preview within the first week after the session/event.

Do we get a preview?
Yes! See above

Groom crying and Bride laughing by Charlotte NC Wedding Photographer Ashley Sue Photography

Who is your second shooter?
I pull from a pool of second shooters that are all professional, talented, fun and fully capable photographers in their own right. Because I choice second shooters of the best caliber, they often book their own weddings as well which means I don’t nail down exactly who it is until about a month or two out. They are all amazing though, and I edit all photographs taken so you won’t even be able to tell a difference in the photos. Promise!

When do you take breaks?
Breaks on wedding days are pretty scarce. You probably won’t even notice when we sneak away for a quick sec, but we do make a point to eat when the Bride & Groom are eating because nobody really wants photos of them chewing ¬†Outside of that though, we just sneak away for a quick break as needed and when able throughout the day.¬†

Bride and Groom in front of the swan house by Charlotte Wedding Photographer Ashley Sue Photography

What if you’ve never shot at my venue before?
No problem! I routinely shoot destination weddings and often (aka almost always) shoot at new venues without checking them out first. I come prepared for every possible lighting situation and will arrive early to scope it out on the day of the wedding. I also use the time when photographing details to find the perfect lighting and prepare for any possible lighting challenges. The video below goes into more detail, but that’s the gist!¬†

Will you walk through the venue before our wedding day?
See above 

Will you tell us what spots are good for pictures or do I need to find them?
We can do both! If you have locations you’d like pictures we can absolutely do that, and I will also point out any pretty spots I see. At the end of the day, I’ll recommend what I think will be beautiful but¬†it’s 100% up to you which locations we use.

Bride and Groom posing in trees with shadows by Wedding Photographer Charlotte, Wedding Photographers Charlotte NC

Who holds the copyright of the photos, and how does that affect me?
I hold the copyright to the photos but you have a print release and the ability to post for personal use (i.e. social media, websites, blogs, cards, printing, etc.). Holding the copyright allows me to use for my website (like your blog!) and future marketing. If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask!

What are your thoughts on an unplugged ceremony?
I’m so glad you asked! Check out my blog on it here.

Do you have suggestions for Engagement Session locations?
Absolutely! Check out my blog on that, here.

Bride and Groom cutting the cake at rustic wedding by Charlotte Wedding Photographer Ashley Sue Photography

And, if you’re more of a video person then check out the FAQ video below from my Behind the Veil series on FB Live.

Charlotte Wedding Photographer Ashley Sue Photography

Ashley Sue is a Charlotte based Piedmont and High Country Wedding Photographer specializing in capturing the moments in between the posing. Ashley is energetic, optimistic, and a perpetual romantic.

While Ashley has photographed weddings nationwide from simple church ceremonies to elaborate ballroom receptions; her authentic + joyful style shines brightest in outdoor locations such as the Blue Ridge mountains of Asheville, NC and architecturally rich surroundings of Charlotte, North Carolina (and Paris. Always, always, always Paris.).

Ashley is available for travel world-wide + is passport ready. To view Ashley’s bucket list of locations available for travel cost only, click HERE. (coming soon)

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